How much does it cost to use nobul? Are there any hidden fees?
There are no upfront costs or hidden fees when using nobul. Nobul receives a brokerage to brokerage referral fee of 0.5% of the property price upon closing.  

This referral arrangement is for a period of two years on any property bought or sold to a consumer by an agent on the nobul platform. For example, on the purchase or sale of a $500,000 property, nobul will receive $2,500 + applicable taxes from a brokerage.

Why do I have to provide my licence number?
Your license number is required in order for nobul to verify that you are a licensed real estate agent and that you are legally able to buy and sell real estate in your jurisdiction. This information will not be shared with consumers.

How many bids do I have to submit, or how active do I need to be to maintain my nobul account?
You can submit as many or as few bids as you wish. You choose your level of activity with no obligation or risk of your account becoming inactive. Nobul recommends that agents use the platform regularly to monitor your agent ratings and to engage new clients regularly.

What happens if a client selects an agent but after the introductory call the agent does not secure the lead?
Nobul is here to help connect buyers and sellers with the best agents in their areas. However, if the client and agent are unable to secure an agreement following the introductory call the client is free to source new bids on nobul.

What is the point of bidding if a discount agent will always outbid me?
With nobul, agents aren't encouraged to simply offer the lowest rates to get the business. Agents have the ability to set their price and the services they are prepared to offer. An agent may offer a slimmer package of services for a lower rate, while others may offer more robust services for a higher rate. Ultimately, success will depend on finding the right balance for each client.

Can any agent use Nobul?
Yes. Whether you are an upstart agent looking to build a name for yourself or an established and trusted name in the industry, nobul allows all agents to compete on new business. The services you offer and the fees you charge are entirely up to the agents themselves.

Please ensure you select 'Yes' when asked "Permission to Advertise.”

Can other agents see my bid or know what commission I will charge?
No. Your bid is private and can only be seen by the buyer or seller that has posted the listing or the request for help to buy.

How do I ensure that I'm not perceived as a discount agent?
With nobul, all agents have the opportunity to market themselves as they see fit. Whether an agent offers their services "at a discount" or not is entirely up to them. No fees or agreement details are revealed and agents can customize what they offer from listing to listing.

If my offer is chosen, how soon afterwards will I receive the client’s information?
When the client selects an agent of their choice, their contact information will be shared with their agent. From there, they will be prompted to book an introductory call. The conversation between client and agent is taken offline.

What information will I have access to from sellers before bidding on the business?
Sellers provide the type of property, an estimated property value, and postal code. Of course, specific details and property information will be discussed once the client has selected an agent's offer during an introductory call.

What information will I have access to from buyers before bidding on the business?
Buyers provide the type of property they wish to purchase; their price range; and preferred location.

How many agents can bid on a client's business? Is there a time limit to participate?
There is no limit to the number of agents that can submit an offer on a client's business. Nobul encourages agents to bid on new business early and often to ensure clients are getting a variety of offers and to ensure agents are maximizing their lead generation.

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