How does nobul help people looking to buy a home?
With nobul,  you can search for the property or area you are interested in buying, and have agents bid on the opportunity for your business. The bids include services and cash back as incentives for representation. 

How does nobul help people looking to sell a home?
With nobul, you post your property online and agents compete to represent you. Sellers are not restricted to standard commission percentages. Agents offer a unique rate and service package. 

The Agents offer will include and clearly state their services so you don’t pay for services you may or may not require. When agents bid for your business, you have the ability to choose the commission and services that best suit you.

How does nobul help real estate professionals?
Using nobul, agents can access active clients without spending their commissions on self-promotion and marketing.  Agents can instantly increase their volume of business while earning reviews and ratings from deals in real time. Grow your business with nobul.

Can agents see each others' bids?
No. Only the buyer or seller can view the agents' bids, including service packages and rates. 

Are the real estate agents using nobul credible professionals?
The nobul team verifies all agents on the platform, but we also put the power in our users' hands to submit reviews and rankings of agents so others can be sure they're getting a high quality agent. Agents can only be reviewed and rated by nobul users.

Who has direct access to my information?
We only ask for an email address and some basic details about the property you’re selling or looking to buy. Your contact information is only released to the agent who's bid you select.

Am I obligated to meet with the winning agent?
When you select the agent with the most attractive bid for you, they will reach out to schedule an introductory call. There is no obligation to work with the agent following the introductory call. 

Do I have to take the Agent with the lowest bid?
No. Each agent has a different value proposition for you. Some may offer a basic service for a lower price, while others may offer more services at a higher price. We want you to find the right agent at the right price for you.

What happens to my information after the transaction?
Once you have selected an agent and an introductory call is confirmed, they will receive contact information from you. Otherwise, your information will remain confidential. 

How much does it cost to use nobul?
There are no upfront costs or hidden fees when using nobul. Nobul receives a brokerage to brokerage referral fee of 0.5% of the property price upon closing.  

This referral arrangement is for a period of two years on any property bought or sold to a consumer by an agent on the nobul platform. For example, on the purchase or sale of a $500,000 property, nobul will receive $2,500 + applicable taxes from a brokerage.

How many times can I go through the process?
Whether you're an individual looking to buy or sell or an agent looking for leads, we want nobul to be your go-to resource. Buyers and sellers can search for listings and agents as often as they wish. Agents can bid on new business anytime. We encourage agents to use nobul regularly to ensure they're capitalizing on the latest qualified leads.

How can I contact nobul?
Contact us at

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